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for you in the morning. good night, america. jimmy kimmel is next. >>> up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- martin short. >> day three, th
for watching abc news. coming up next on abc, abc's very own jake tapper on jimmy kimmel. good night, america. >>> up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> that can help you lose your job, it's called facebook.
kimmel" next. >>> up next on an all in the "jimmy kimmel live". >> strike two weeks ago, if they didn't come back they would lick
. and lots of other stories. thanks for watching abc news. jimmy kimmel's coming up next. we'll see you here tomorrow. >>> up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live." >> here's a black friday shopping tip for you. find out who is spending three days waiting in line for these
fadden will be here tomorrow. inspiring story about friendship. jimmy kimmel is next. >>> up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> the food comes out on thanksgiving, i eat like the cookie monster. i don't eat, i just grab the food with miss hands and smash it over my fa.
thanksgiving. "good morning america," right here in the morning. good night, everybody. jimmy kimmel is next. >>> tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> in new york, they line up for gas. in l.a., we line up for vampires. >> daniel craig. >> now all of a sudden team edward and jacob have been dumped for team daniel, i think.
in for "good morning america." we're always online at jimmy kimmel is next. see you tomorrow. >>> tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- martin short. >> day three, there was a rash that went like that. and i'd be like -- sorry, i can't play today, coach. >> and from "life of pi," suraj sharma. >> suraj. suraj. >> yeah. >> your mother isn't your friend.
wants to give his desk away. find out what jimmy kimmel is up to when abc2 news comes right back. >>> what a real surprise for cleo williams and her family. the single mom of six received a home in brooklyn stuffed with presents, furniture and a thanksgiving meal. it was because of orec did you know and his charity to help habitat for humanity. >> stability, comfort, and just come home to. sorry. >> the commissioner of football is here for the home for the holidays program has helped more than a hundred single parents throughout the country realize the dream of living in a home of their own. >>> you can own a piece of entertainment history, jimmy kimmel auctioning off his desk to raise money for the sandy relief effort. signed by jimmy, fellow late night host david letterman, steven cobare and john stewart. you can bid on the desk. and the proceeds will benefit the red cross. >> that's a cool idea. everybody pitching in to help out those in need. >> it's a nice desk. i'd put money on it. >>> we have a cold morning. let's get you out the door tomorrow morning with temperatures in
a piece of jimmy kimmel history. what he's selling to give away for super storm sandy efforts. >> if you're headed to the east bay, traffic heavier than on the other side but traffic flowing well at this >>> jimmy kimmel auctions a piece of his set. >> here is rachel smith with the hollywood report. >> jimmy kimmel supporting abc day of giving by auctioning his desk. all appeared on the show last week. you can place your bid at charity proceeds will benefit american red cross. >> only one day until election, katy perry has chosen her kad, wearing an obama themed dress this weekend supporting president barack obama. and katy isn't the only celebrity encouraging fans to vote tomorrow, lady gaga tweet sod excited to be on the radio to talk about the election and how important it is to vote. rupaul also chimed in saying you better vote. kristin stewart hit the red carpet and told otrc she'd rather have spent the time with her fans. >> i want to take my shoes off and say hi to everyone. >> on the road hits theaters december 21. score latest entertainment news any time just head to o
in the golden state. >>> and liar, liar. jimmy kimmel's election day prank with hilarious responses, you just have to hear. >>> good morning. it is election day. as you said, finally. >> finally. >> it all comes down to today, after the long, expensive campaign. all the ads. all the attacks. all the polls. all the promises. all the money. all the hype. today, the american people will choose their next president. >> and for weeks, as we've said, it's been an extremely tight race. and with election day 2012 finally here, your voice will be heard and your vote counted. we have correspondents with both campaigns that begin this election morning, with abc's t.j. winick. he's live for us in chicago. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. well, the president wrapped up his campaign yesterday here in the midwest. and right now, it looks as if a last-minute surge could carry barack obama to four more years. while most of the east coast of the u.s. is still asleep, residents of dixville notch, a tiny town in new hampshire, cost the first votes in the presidential election. after 4
" and running right through jimmy kimmel live, all of our network and syndicated shows will be getting out the message with how you can donate on the web, through texting, and at 1-800-helpnow. >> give whatever you can. folks up here need it. >>> as the east coast recovers, not the news we wanted to hear. a new storm is on the way here. >>> coming up, our coverage of the countdown to election day continues. we have been telling you now for months. seems like decades. >> where is the talented athlete. who stopped short of the easy touchdown. and why he is a hero for doing so. it is all coming up on "world news now." ♪ simply the best ♪ better than all the rest ♪ better than anyone >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by olay cream. equal? introducing the newest trend in beauty. olay total effects cc cream. c for color. c for correction. [ female announcer ] fight 7 signs of aging with a flawlessly beautiful complexion instantly. we call it a phenomenon. you'll call it possibly the most exciting skin care since...olay. cc for yourself. [ female announcer ] and challeng
america," running through "jimmy kimmel" late tonight, all network and syndicated shows will be getting out the message how you can donate on the web and at 1-800-helpnow. you can text. lots of ways to help. keep it here on abc all day. >>> fema is pitching in with fuel for the storms. the agency started to deliver 24 million gallons of fuel over the weekend at ten distribution centers they set up in new york and new jersey. some of that fuel is only for first reponders. at other sites, drivers can get up to ten gallons of gas. at the gas stations that are open, people are still waiting hours -- and this is no exaggeration -- hours to fill up. >> and one of the true nightmares, the aftermath. >>> and now we turn to a very sad incident at the pittsburgh zoo. a 2-year-old child was killed at an exhibit featuring wolf-like creatures called painted dogs. the child's mother had lifted him onto a railing, but he slipped and fell some 15 feet into the pen. that's when the pack of dogs attacked. the zoo coopers lured them away, but had to shoot and kill one who did not respond. the zoo is now c
. thank you, bill. thanks for watching abc news. jimmy kimmel is next. have a safe weekend.
through "jimmy kimmel live" our network as well as our syndicated shows will be sharing the message of how you can donate on the web, online. at 1-800-help-now. you can text, you can call, you can go online. a lot of opportunities for you to get involved. >> lots of options, so please give if you can. >>> when we come back, big time companies with big time secrets getting hacked but not telling consumers. >>> then how a toddler's weekend trip to the zoo ended in tragedy. mauled to death by a pack of wild animals. >>> and later, a fresh face at a legendary golf tournament. get ready for a 14-year-old at the masters. oñ?x1@ú? >>> welcome back, everyone. hurricane sandy may actually be good for the economy. the construction industry should get a boost from the rebuilding that follows the superstorm. and analysts say that in turn, could raise u.s. economic growth early next year. as building grows and bridges are repaired and replaced. >>> the hurricane may also keep gas prices falling. despite those long gas lines, we're seeing in the new york area, demand actually decreased after the storm
night, america. jimmy kimmel, next.
the full performance on on and jimmy kimmel once again, ben folds five! good night! ♪ do it anyway ♪ ♪ if you're paralyzed by the voice in your head go and do it anyway ♪ ♪ do it anyway ♪ how many times you might leap buff look ♪ ♪ do it anyway ♪ do it anyway good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> let's go vote! let's keep moving forward! >> walk with me. walk together. tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. >> mitt romney in manchester, new hampshire, president obama in des moines, iowa, at the end of a long and grueling campaign. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan issue lee. the most expensive race in presidential histories up to the voters. tracking polls show president barack obama leading romney nationall
're always online at "jimmy kimmel live" is next. we'll see you here tomorrow.
. >>> happy birthday to funny man jimmy kimmel. he turns 45 today. all day long you can stay on top of the latest developments on those stories and others as they break on msnbc. tonight be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. finally, here is a look at what's coming up later on the "today" show. full details on the elmo pep peteer facing sex ap bus ap gagss. and one direction takes over the plaza with a huge live concert. keep it on this channel for continuing news, weather, sports and more. i'm lynn berry, thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a good one.
. thank you for watching abc news. jimmy kimmel is up next. we will see you here tomorrow. >>> up next on an all n j
for watching abc news. hope you check in on "gma" in the morning and have a great night. >>> tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> every march and november, i stand in front of my microwave for no less than 20 minutes trying to figure out how to reset the clock. >> robert pattinson. >> just take a moment to take him in, i mean, look at him.
, next. >>> up next on an all-new jimmy kimmel live. >> thanksgiving is about going home to your family and doing dirty things in your childhood bed. >> ryan seacrest. >> who is the worst judge in the
're always online at have a great night. >>> up next on an all new jimmy kimmel live, reba mcintyre. mike tyson. >> how you been doing? >> might not be able to walk, it's the first time mike and reba have been in the same room together since they broke .
at we'll see you here tomorrow. >>> up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- eric bana. >> flew in from melbourne this morning. but i'm feeling okay. >> i feel like you are doing a fake accent right now. >> from "homeland," damian lewis. >> i know, but i can't stand being that tense! i just want to know what happens!
, an unprecedented day of giving. >> abc will be helping to raise money. from "good morning america" to "jimmy kimmel live" the network will be sharing how you can donate on the web online. at 1-800-help-now. you can text and a lot of opportunity to get involved. >> lots of options. >>> when we come back, big time companies with big time secrets getting hacked but not telling consumers. >>> then how a toddler's weekend trip to the zoo ended in tragedy. mauled to death by a pack of wild animals. >>> and later, a fresh face at a legendary golf tournament. get ready for a 14-year-old at the masters. so, maybe you're trytoing to figure out question seven. well, let me give it a shohot. if you're ok with marylandernd spending five hured and... fifty llion a year gaming inot. but if you think we should keep that money here... twadd twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for hools... well you shohould probably vote for question seven. because e if it doesn't pass, al of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself. >>> welcome back, everyone. hurricane sandy m
the victims of disain. jimmy kimmel is auctions off his desk. david letterman and steven colbert and stewart. bid on the desk at charity hope you had a great weekend. >> getting to weather, things could be changing. think last week was bad enough, many people are without power, cold temperatures t
, travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. not bad on the beltway this morning. >> late night host jimmy kimmel is auctioning off his desk. head to the charity, right now torsion put in your -- right now to put in your bid. in the red skins lose and prior to the election , the challenger will win. if the skins win, the incumbent will hold off. the exception was in 2004, when the skins lost, siting john kerry to be the probable winner. in the world series, a totally different rule, if we go by that, obama wins. maybe you should vote. let us know what you think on facebook. we are curious to see what you think.
. >> on nbc. so there you go. what's with jimmy kimmel who i thought was our friend? >> he claims he is. there's a promo out. we're not 100% sure. >> we haven't heard it but we've heard about it a little. >> jimmy's got big news. >> are you excited about this? >> on january 8th he'll make his biggest move yet. >> my goal is to be on so early we go head-to-head with kathie lee and hoda. >> so that vera. i love jimmy kimmel. what's he mean? >> we're on so late? we don't understand because we're not that smart, okay? >> something went right in your life last night, right? >> last night i found one of your friends wandering around. regis and joy were at the carlisle. it was a lot of fun. we have a couple of shots. steve tyrell is terrific. i know it's blurry but he's in the middle. someone else took it. there's another shot of your posse. >> yeah. rege and joy. >> they love you so much. >> oh, gosh, love those guys. he was singing the songs of sammy kahn last night, huh? >> yes, he was. >> very few rooms anymore you can go to enjoy that kind of music and have that old-fashioned in a good way new y
first repeat play of the day. he did that last year, he did it again this year. jimmy kimmel pulling a prank. telling parentses to tell their kids they ate all the halloween candy and he filmed it. take a look. >> dad and i ate all your candy? >> what? >> you mean even the suckers? >> yeah. [ crying ] >> we ate all your halloween candy. [ laughter ] >> mommy ate all your candy [ oh ] >> mommy was -- >> jimmy kimmel to mel told me it. >> who's jimmy kimmel? >> that's not -- >> i'm sorry for eating all your candy. >> that's okay. >> all right. i love you. >> i love you. >> are you mad at me? >> no. >> you're just sad? >> yeah. >> next halloween, you can have my candy. >> love her. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. [ male announcer ] we're excited by trends, and mng brings the best to your neighborhood jcp. european style that makes every day better. at
. jimmy kimmel. everyone has someone they idolize as a child. i idolize someone, oprah. >> you know. you call her -- >> the oracle. he, idolized david letterman as a child. he had the opportunity to have david letterman on the show. from brooklyn originally. that is his cake, said, late night with david letterman. he had a license plate on his car that said, late night. look at that. so, big, big deal for jimmy kimmel. he gets to interview david letterman on his show. he is usually in l.a. but he is in brooklyn. preplanned. he gets here, of course, hurricane sandy hits. >> totally coincidental. planned for months. jimmy from brooklyn. tapes the show out west. compared to having letterman on his show when letterman had carson on his show. everyone in the business has an idol. dave is one of jimmy's. >> yours, yours we, have got to find out. >> we have more news coming up. stay with us, everybody. find out. >> we have more news coming up. stay with us, everybody. follow the wings. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking,
on the couch with our friend, jimmy kimmel! it's all next on "world news now." is that your ding-dong? >> paula, get a -- yeah. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. and we got onesies. sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? >>> welcome back, abc's white house correspondent jake tapper is just out with a new book about an attack on a remote u.s. military base in afghanistan. >> the book is called "the outpost an untold story of american valor." and jake talked with jimmy kimmel about the surreal experience of writing a book about afghanistan. >> you interviewed hundred of people including people who aren't necessarily on our side. >> right. i did interview an insurgent or two. >> how do you interview an insurgent? are they on craigslist over there, or how do you get them? >> i had a fixer. and the fixer was from this, this remote region, called nuristan, from where "the man who would be king" the kipling novela. and the movie. and the fi
on abc, jimmy kimmel brought a little more late-night comic relief to some new yorkers. we needed it. >> the brooklyn native is back in his hometown to do his show this week. and it's about to let hurricane sandy bounce with laughs. >> i want you to be honest with me. how many of you are here for the electricity? some of the damage that i've been seeing on local news is unbelievable. especially in new jersey. some parts of new jersey have been so completely rearranged that apple maps is now actually right. [ laughter ] >> that's so true. good to have you home, jimmy. have fun in your hometown. >>> for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with the heroes making sure the hurricane at least has a fe. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist r
. would you care to respond? >> no, you two go ahead. [ laughter ] >> take jimmy kimmel live. >> in times like these you need a white president you can trust, and that white president's name is barack obama. >> and the sketch that didn't make it now that lives online. obama eager to please a swing state in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> i would offer my support to each and every person that is affected by calamity but most of all for the people of ohio. >> also, jason has been rocking his mitt romney impression all year long. >> we also need tame to reflected important moments in this election cycle. first of three presidential debates. remember that. >> for many, this election was exhausting. for those in comedy business, it's been one glorious gold mine. >> this one is like watch donald trump losing a hockey fight. i know it has to end, but i just don't want it to. >> dan: some good stuff. let's go back to spencer christian. i wanted this great weather not to end. >> i'm afraid it's all over. look at nor'easter. doppler radar and pounding the northeast coast. there is snow and rain and
of pressure comes along with being the president's daughter. michelle obama shared this story with jimmy kimmel. >> that was the instruction before he gave his speech at the dnc. we're back stage and they're playing around and they're laughing and they're giggling and he said just act like you're listening to me. so, the whole time i'm clapping and looking over at them and i'm like, smile, smile, they're like, okay. sasha and malia seem to be handling the spotlight just fine, but it wasn't so easy for those before them. george w. bush's daughter, jenna, was arrested for having alcohol as a minor. months later, she was charged with using a fake i.d. to purchase alcohol. and then there's chelsea clinton, whose father was impeached following his affair with monica lewinsky. >> the greatest memory of chelsea clinton is that scene of her walking across the lawn and taking her father's hand and her mother's hand and literally holding that marriage together. >> reporter: so much history at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. now sasha and malia's early years firmly part of it. >> amazing. when they walke
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: aimee mann, this is her new album. bonus song at jimmy kimmel thanks to eric stonestreet, l.a. reid. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, andy garcia, the latest castoffs from "dancing with the stars" and music from andy allo. good night. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. . >> shock wave san jose church tonight. pastor is stepping down after a convicted chi
on "gma," jimmy kimmel and who knows what is next? >> so, awesome. so, what was the secret to that remarkable shooting streak? here's abc's darren rovell. >> reporter: in a small gym in iowa, in front of a sparse crowd on last night, something magical happened. keep your eye on number 3. jack taylor of grinnell college, hoisting shot after shot after shot and actually scoring. taylor threw 108 shots in the air on tuesday night. 52 of them went through the net. that's a shot taken every 20 seconds to score those 138 points. taylor not only broke the college record, he surpassed wilt chamberlain's nba record of 100 points scored 50 years ago. los angeles lakers superstar kobe bryant holds the single-game record among active players with 81 points. >> a college kid scored a 138 points tonight. took over 100 shoots. >> wow. that's crazy, man. i don't care what level you're at. scoring 138 points is pretty insane. >> reporter: so, how did he do it? first of all, it was a team effort. taylor took 77% of his team's shots. >> i'm not really the type of player that comes off screens
about starbucks' new coffee for 7 bucks a cup. >> and jimmy kimmel wondered if people could tell the difference. he asked people what they thought of two different cups of coffee. but the twist, they were the same coffee. neither was the superpremium stuff. both cups had just run-of-the-mill joe. >> one has a smoother flavor. the one other is bitter. >> i want to say this one. it has a richer taste. it tastes stronger. more premium, i guess. >> i would say, for the value, for the taste, consumption, i would put $2 to $3 on this cup. p preferably over the second cup. >> it all tastes the same. it tastes the same. >> you tell 'em. the $7 stuff is from the rare geisha variety. some say it has hints of tropical fruit and rose pedals. i just want the caffeine. >>> for some of you, your local news is next. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets thro
for retailers and shoppers well, sort of. here is jimmy kimmel. >> walmart says they'll open doors for black friday sale this, is a big sale, everyone goes and kills each other, they're going to open two hours earlier, meaning sales will begin at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. why spend thanksgiving fighting with her family when you can fight a stranger? >>
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 91 (some duplicates have been removed)